Meet Jacob Morris | Lexus of Quad Cities

 Hi my name is Jake Morrison I'm a Sales Leasing consultant here at Lexus of the Quad Cities… I've been here for three years and I sold cars for two years prior in Waverly, Iowa at a GM Buick store. I just got out of school; I went to Wartburg College in Waverly. After I finished up there I just started selling cars… I've always loved cars all growing up and I was a little kid with Hot Wheels toys and all that. So this was the next logical step when I got out of School.

The most important factor to me when somebody's considering buying a car is just reliability. That's the biggest and most important thing that's gotta be reliable car. Obviously budget is a factor too but I want somebody to like the car and be reliable so it doesn't come back on me.

I am very competitive person. I wrestled in college and I played sports all growing up so very competitive person. It relates very well to the workplace here just because when it comes to sales, contests and, you know, meeting quotas or getting numbers I'm always the guy that's gonna be up there and competing to be that number one spot.

I guess I'm a real straight shooter, straight to the point, no hassle type of thing. I like to hunt and fish, being in the outdoors. I play slow pitch softball, pretty much anything that gets me outside.

The most important aspect of my job is getting somebody the right car what they deserve and what they're looking for and keep it in the budget it's the best thing I could do... I can't remember a time that a customer is unhappy. I'm sure there was, but I tried to handle everything as well as I can. If I was in that person's shoes what would I want, is the way I treat it... To show my appreciation of the customers I liked that send everybody out to the new owner’s clinics and ride drive Events. We have a bunch of different events and things that our customers can go to...

Then also we have the John Deere Classic, which we provide VIP tickets to all of our customers. So it's very nice to go out there. I go out there on Sundays and see all my customers that I've sold cars to and just get them in an atmosphere that we're both very talkative; but we can actually relate beyond a kind of a neutral ground there as well.

Thank you and I like to welcome everybody in the Lexus family.

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