Meet Jan Pomije | Lexus of Quad Cities

 My name is Jan Pomije and I'm the Business Development Manager I've worked with Lexus of Quad Cities for over 15 years… It is my first job in the automobile industry. When I worked for myself, I was a massage therapist and I owned a cleaning business. Outside of work I own a nonprofit organization that we decorate for nonprofit events so the money stays with the nonprofit. My daughter does it with me along with 14 other volunteers. We decorate for different events like March of Dimes, Make-a-Wish... 

When someone's buying the car they need to look at everything on the car especially the total cost of ownership over the life that they're gonna own the car.

I am competitive, that's why I'm in sales. I’m in car sales because there’s lots of an opportunity for you to advance into different positions. I started in sales ten years ago... then I went into this position five years ago. I would describe myself as very energetic.

The most important aspect of my job is customer satisfaction. I just want to make sure all my customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. It’s a big purchase so I don't want them have any regrets afterwards. My favorite aspect of the job are the events. I get to do, and I get to work, directly with the customers and offer them things that other dealerships don't.

I think my greatest strength would be my empathy towards other people... I really listen to the questions they ask and try to answer them... I handle most of the complaints here so I have had some opportunities to help customers when they're unhappy. Some of them most of them are pretty minut and we could take care of them. It's not always the best thing for the dealership but it's always the best thing for the customer so I can't come up with anything specific...

I always want to thank my customers for doing business with us. They keep me going and that's why I have a job they're the most important aspect of the company. All right thank you for being a valued customer of Lexus of Quad Cities and I really look forward to doing business with you and assisting you.

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