Meet Lindsay Emery | Lexus of Quad Cities

Hi my name is Lindsey Emery and I'm the sales manager here at Lexus of the Quad Cities. I have worked for Lexus of the Quad Cities for eight years now. I'm directly from the University of Iowa. I graduated there in 2009 and I started here in October of '09. Outside of work I'm
a very social person…
I'm involved here in the community, a very huge advocate for United Way, in the March of Dimes… I would consider myself a very competitive person. I played five sports in high school and then I
played softball for the University of Iowa…

The most important factor to consider in someone is buying a car is truly the customer experience we want to make everything unique and you know specific to that person…I've enjoyed my experience here at Lexus of the Quad Cities. I started out as a salesperson and then I was actually the finance manager here and then moved my way up to the sales management position. If I could describe myself in one word or phrase I guess I'd have to choose spontaneous… well, they've come up with a word for me, which is called “FOMO” fear of missing out. So I'm always down and I'm always ready to go.

I guess with my most important aspect of my job is to make everybody feel comfortable and that's from my sales team all the way to the customer relations. We just treat, like our covenant says, we try to treat each guest as if there are guests at home. My favorite aspect of the job is not being confined at a desk all day and being able to meet someone new every day. My greatest strength I would have to say is me being able to be a chameleon. I can adapt to everybody's personality as they walk through the door.

I would just like to say thank you to our loyal customers here at Lexus of the Quad Cities. We retain about 90 percent of our customers and we're the number one legendary dealer in the Quad Cities and that's because of you.

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