Meet Steve (Karl) Karwath | Lexus of Quad Cities

 My name is Steve Karwath, I go by Karl here at the dealership. I've been with Lujack Lexus for two and a half years now… My hobbies outside of work would definitely be spending time with family, making sure my new bride is happy as well! I spend a lot of time with my parents. I like to go up and visit my brother when I can... I play a lot of cards with them, poker, tailgating games. I do bowl during the season... a few friends of ours and myself, and I play softball on the weekends, and kind of just any kind of athletic thing to keep me active.

I found myself at a time where I was in need of employment and I had some friends and past co-workers that were actually employed at this dealership and had told me good things and all of the above. I actually applied when they were not hiring…

If you're coming in to buy a car the most important factor I would definitely consider is meeting your personal and family needs and the quality of the vehicle... Trying to make sure it's something that's going to, you know, fulfill all of the necessities that your family is going to need… Car sales, why? I would say it's an aggressive and a vast industry and there's a lot of market out there... it's always going to be something I feel that's going to be there…

The most important aspect of my job as a sales and leasing consultant for Lujack Lexus is definitely making sure the customers experience is above and beyond what they've expected… Lexus is about customer experience and create an amazing sense so when they're here they feel like family.

My favorite aspect of this position is definitely getting to meet different people. There are people that are the Millennials that are coming in to a position in their careers where they're able to afford luxury vehicles such as Lexus. Then the people that have bought their fourth or fifth one and just getting to hear their … so it's really a mix of emotions on the day to day basis… it's always a different experience every guest.

My greatest strengths here in the car sales position I would say making a customer actually comfortable to open up to me let me know their actual needs in the vehicle or maybe even their reservations on some getting into another vehicle… I think I can definitely get to somebody's level and make sure they know on a human and they can just go ahead and feel free to open up and share with me.

So I just want to say genuinely thank you for being part of further the Lexus family and we always are here to support your vehicle needs your personal needs and anything you don't hesitate to get a hold of any one of us at the dealership really love having in the family so thank you very much.

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