Welcome to Lexus of the Quad Cities. My name's Todd Hopkins, general manager. Hopefully every time you come here you experience 'amazing'! I've worked with Lexus of the Quad Cities since 1991, so I've been here almost 26 years… Well, you know, outside of work I've got five kids and a wife so most of my hobbies are tied around that, tied around my kids and our family. Outside of that, you know I enjoy golf, enjoy getting out and golfing, and I'm not great at it but have a good time with it. I like boating and more than anything else hanging out by the pool with the kids and family. It's probably my favorite thing to do.

Lexus of the Quad Cities is a great organization, has great cars, great community and it's a great family. We like to give back to the Quad Cities every day, and again just a great overall car franchise and a great place to work. I grew up in the car business; my dad had a dealership, and my mom was a service rider in different dealerships, so I've kind of been around the car business most of my life….

Well, I think the most important factor to consider when looking at new vehicle is the experience after the sale… the treatment after the sale… I think that's the most important thing... You know, it's great making people's dreams come true when they have an opportunity to finally get that first luxury car, or you know, the second or third… It's just a fun experience to see that little twinkle in their eyes when they take delivery on a brand-new Lexus and really experience 'amazing'.

I really care about all of our employees, I care about the community and care about all of our customers. Lexus of the Quad Cities has been very actively involved in the community… we're involved with the Heart Association, March of Dimes, the John Deere Classic board... I've spent a lot of time with make-a-wish, United Way and a lot of different organizations in the community… the organization has always been committed to, is giving back to the community, because the community is what helps make us strong…

The most important aspect of my job would be taking care of customers … my favorite aspect of the job is… one is watching the customer when they take delivery of the new car and they actually experience 'amazing'… very exciting to watch that joy in their face. The other part is that, as a leader in the organization, is the joy of watching a salesperson… selling their first car and delivering that car… see the joy of them experiencing 'amazing' as well…

Well, we've had times where customers aren't happy, I mean it's one of those industries where you occasionally drop the ball and our job is to, you know, pick it up and take care of it and make it right… that's one of the reasons why not only are we a leading Lexus dealer but we're one of three legal dealers in the central area. It's not because we don't make mistakes, it's because we pick up the ball and handle it correctly afterwards.

I was recognized by the Women's Connection in the Iowa Women League Change organization as an Athena Award winner… it shows that we care about women. Not only as customers, but as employees … It's just what we do to try to help women get advanced not only in the car industry but just in general…

My most memorable experience was probably with a customer… whose wife surprised him with a car for their anniversary. So we took it over on Christmas morning… and their whole family there, and they all come sneaking outside and saw the vehicle, just the joy of the family coming out… was a lot of fun.

I just can't thank them enough, our customers, for being not only loyal to us but loyal to the community, giving back with their service and praise every day. Thank you.

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