Meet Tom Hopkins | Lexus of Quad Cities

Tom Hopkins, everybody calls me hoppy the web guy. Been over here for 17 years I believe. It started out in the car business in 1959. Oh my wife and I love camping… from tents, to trailers, to motorhomes and everything in between. So that's probably our favorite thing to do. I enjoy a lot of, as I have time, I enjoy books; I love to read. My wife is very active. She is the director of the campaign for human development for the Diocese of Davenport and  I get involved with her and a lot of her works for that…

I have been a service technician a service manager, parts Manager, body shop manager. I've literally, at one point in my career, I have sat in every chair in the dealership including as an owner… It's helped me put three kids through Iowa. Been very good to allow my wife to be able to quit her job and do volunteer work on a hundred percent basis that's very important to her. So it's been very successful; I have been very happy very pleased.

Well the car needs to be the right “fit” for them…you need to get the needs as well as the wants and sort them out so that we get everybody on the same page… if we do that we have happier customers. I try real hard to be sure that my customers are 100% satisfied with me and with the car and with the service levels that we give them… I enjoy the interaction with the customer.

I do an awful lot of stuff with internet sales. I have internet customers literally on both coasts and everywhere is in the same, in between that have never set foot in the store and some of them have been multiple… that's something that can only be established through trust and communications with emails and the telephone. So I think I'm pretty good at that.

Yeah I did have a case where a lady and her husband bought a used car… They took it home with them but a couple days later she was having some issues. So she took it to her mechanic and he discovered that there were a whole lot more things wrong with the car then then what… I was aware of and she was pretty upset about it…. We got to work with a sales manager and found a replacement… passed all of our mechanics inspections… so we just rolled her out of one into the other one… she was happy and we were happy.

Oh I'm super proud of all my Kids and my grandkids. Really have been a bright spot in my life. I think that's probably, if I had anything to be, to feel like I had accomplished that was between my wife and myself and our success; raising good kids, to work hard and make money, and to have fun…

Delivering car last night in Chicago to a customer whose family has bought, I don't know for sure how many, probably in excess of ten vehicles from me over the last 10 years… they said, “you're the only one we think could handle it because they took, pretty high maintenance, and take a lot of work.” Well we established a relationship… they've bought several cars from me…

Thank you, as a genuine thank you, it's great to have people to work with; and it's nice to have people that remember to come back and buy their next car from you and send their friends in and their family and that's very rewarding. I, it's really, it makes my makes my life a pretty happy one. Lexus, we're working with the probably the finest vehicle that's known to man and I feel real, real grateful to be working with my fellow teammates here at Lexus and working with a product that is above the question.

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